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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mindanao: A conglomerate of color and culture

This photo was taken after a stage play on "Mamalu and Tabunaway".

A story of two brothers who had different religions, one opted to embrace Islam and the other one submitted his faith to Christianity. They always had conflict owing to their different religions.

I decided to spearhead this activity to educate the youth that there is still unity in diversity. 

The stage play presented the moral lesson that I was struggling to effect in our diversified community during those times--UNITY AMIDST DIVERSITY.

The historical brothers, Mamalu and Tabunaway belong to the Tiruray cultural minority group.


PinoyApache said...

I share your advocacy of peace on the whole island of Mindanao. Assala u' allayqum


Alaikum Asalam, Jing..your support is much welcomed and appreciated!:-)