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Monday, October 26, 2009

Half is Bias...

✎ by Princess Maleiha

The half-covered truth is bias. To some extent, it is considered an intentional lie. Half-covered logic is bias.

Many people prefer to nurture their negative reservations
about certain groups or individuals despite the existence of opposite facts proving them wrong.

A biased mind does not subscribe to balance thinking.

Why view things with judgmental bias? This form of mental framework tends to mislead many people for submitting themselves to a false sense of conclusion depriving them to view events in life logically without being partial.

There is more than a thousand version of a story.

The bias is when the 'bad part' of the story is magnified in a negative light at the expense of certain individuals or groups.

WE all need to rise above our personal issues to understand
life's situation objectively for the good of the many.


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