Writing is my passion

Waking up every day is not a routine but something to be thankful for if you have a certain purpose and goal to achieve each day.

Life can be so boring for those who would not find a way to express what is in their minds. Thoughts can be expressed, but the form of articulation depends upon your own notion or philosophy in life.

In my case, I always wake up every day knowing who I really am and what I really want in life. My consciousness is guided by the choices and decisions I have of myself as a part of a peaceful community that obligates me to take part in the process of positive social change.

Some people might say that writing or blogging is just a waste of time. But for those who are aware of the exact essence of what an indirect social campaign is, they will understand my inner struggles.

Indirect social campaign means writing and using words that call for self-reflection or motivating people to do their best.

Sometimes, it could be driven by the simple desire of making people smile or remind them never to give up on life's challenges.

It adds a glow to a writer's life to know that he is able to enlighten some people through the words he has written or through the moral lessons he had transmitted through his articles.

It is important for all of us to know what we want in life and how we can be of small help to the community where we belong. This will make our lives more meaningful.

Just sharing something that might be of interest to you.

Allah(SWT) bless!

- Princess Maleiha B. Candao (PMBC)


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